While the dim sum menu

While the dim sum menu is available all week long, the tradition of selecting your dim sum tableside, from the cart, is only practiced during the weekend lunch hour.We sampled a variety of creations including char sui bao, a doughy and slightly sweet steamed roast pork bun (19 $3); seen chuck kn, a tasty blend of shrimp and pork wrapped in the delicate folds of tofu skin (44 $3); and yee chi gow, a lightly seasoned shark fin dumpling (80 $3). Larger dim sum dishes are also available and we found the steamed broccoli (T2 $7.99) to be a favorite, cooked to perfection and enhanced by the accompanying dipping sauce.The quarter roast duck (T10 $7.99) would have been more enjoyable if hadn’t been quite so dry. The fong chow, or chicken feet (42 $3), were also a miss, seemingly over steamed and lacking the crispness I’ve enjoyed in other iterations of this dish.Sign up for the free CJ Dining newsletterAdditional visits to Jade Palace allowed me to taste outside of the dim sum and hot pot menus.

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