Was an amazing stadium

Was an amazing stadium, said the giant Belgian shot stopper. Was brilliant to see the architecture. It really lovely and it was a nice atmosphere. It’s not clear yet how many homes and businesses were damaged or even destroyed. 200 people were in the shelter at the First Baptist Church Saturday night, but that number is now down to about 50 people. Folks in the community are coming together to take care of flood victims.

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wholesale jerseys If the cases of Rice, Peterson, Belcher and others bring more attention to the underreported social epidemic of domestic violence, and the way it is often ignored or explained away, then our obsession with them serves a useful purpose. But violence against women is not unique to football or to pro sports. To claim that we can prove some clear causal connection when we can’t is to feed into the apparently inexplicable phenomenon of all those Baltimore fans in Ray Rice jerseys (many of them women), who cannot be dismissed as mouth breathing morons or defenders of the indefensible wholesale jerseys.

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