QUESTION FOR YOU! – If You had a choice to pay more to accomodate in traditional hotel, which uses lot of expensive dirty energy or to pay less to accomodate in holiday resort, which uses less energy based on clean technology. What would you do? Which one would you choose your holiday destination?


To reach +100% energy independency means a major change in the way of thinking. It means holistic energy architechture taylor made on site. It means more concept thinking than solution based thinking. Taurisol resort wisdom is based on sustainable design, which creates energy independency with renewable energy solutions like sunmills, windmills, biomills and geo-cooling. All this is combined together with high standard of LEED-certification and mobile/ict technology solutions. Taurisol is a unique resort concept.

The Concept

Taurisol Resort View Small 300x200

The termite mound illustrates nature’s sustainable housing, the very best way. Situation versus sun, wind and light, maximizing energy savings, thermal mass use ― these are key factors in energy usage optimization & eco-architecture.

Taurisol Resorts passive/active solutions are following LEED certification steps on the way of reaching +100% energy independency. The ultimate concept ― That’s The Way We Like It! 

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