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2011/2012 – First Drawings – Team Establishment

Markku Tauriainen makes first resort drawings at home. Gives a name ´TauriSol´ for the project after studying his ancestors family name been Tauri (bull) instead of Tauriainen. The Sol comes from the Sun in Spanish. The UKI Architects from Oulu, Finland makes first 3D visualization pictures from Markku´s sketches. The Taurisol is born and Markku starts to sell the idea for the audience in the startup events in Finland. The story of Taurisol have been told over 1.000 people. The original idea becomes better and better with every step taken. 2012 the business idea has now official home at incubator Oulun YritysTakomo. The Taurisol team (6 engineers) will be selected and team starts to have weekly meetings around technology and business. First videos are made. Taurisol participates startup competitions; Some Pitching and Startup Sauna. Markku starts to travel regularly to Spain for navigating suitable land area for the project from Spain at Mijas-Fuengirola-Malaga area.

2013/2015 – Evaluation, Feasibility Study

Markku makes 10 work trips to Spain. Two suitable building places have been found and evaluated suitable for the project Taurisol. Senior consults and advisers have been listened. The team starts to evaluate the whole business plan in Oulu, Finland with official feasibility study in five key areas 1) Market 2) Sales 3) Technology 4) Financing 5) Management. The most attracting building place is in Mijas, Malaga. The feasibility study is giving green light for the project. The navigation goes forward to the stage of the letter of intent (LOI) and contracts. We are ready to make deals and contracts. Our target is to have the building place contract signed, or at least a LOI the letter of intetent with the 1st choice parter. Before having a final contract the project architectural on-site preparation can not start to go forward. Pre-selling, concepting, financing and partnering are all on hold. After serious thinking we decide to take a time out – the timing is not yet right, nor the building places. We like to wait and see more land options… and wait that the economy is rising in Spain and in Europe.   

2015/2017 – Salad Restaurant Hare,  New Building Places

After 10 trips, Markku make a decision to move Fuengirola, Spain. Establishing a Salad Restaurant Hare to Los Boliches. The restaurant is gathering right kind of people round CEO and the salads are served with smile. The restaurant makes break even quickly. All the living coasts are covered from the restaurant income true hard daily work 2015, 2016. After two year and 4.000 salads Maekku makes a decision to close restaurant for a while and focus the land issues again. 2017 the project Taurisol land seeking is updated and focused in two plots 1) one villa plot in Torreblanca, which can be base for salad restaurant, beauty salon, small hotel and onsite sales office for 2) Taurisol 17 hectar land area in Malaga, Spain. We have found rural land plot with 3.000 almond trees and 1.000 olive trees 16km from the airport and centrum of Malaga city. Plot number 1) has build properties 330m2 + building licence to build 6 villas more on the plot. The plot number 2) 17 hectar land area is under building licence project for 20.000m2 plan. This project has been estimated to take time from 1-3 years.

2017 – First Financial Rounds

Right timing is everything. We think that the time is now right. We have decided to start 1st financial rounds for the project Taurisol. We are navigating right partner, who has mutual interests for projects in Spain. We are looking forward to open the project after 5 years careful planning & seeking.



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