Our Story

UKI ARCHITECTS contribution to our project have been the greatest asset. In summer 2011 Mikko Heikkinen, the managing director of UKI Architects said: ”Markku, your sustainable energy independent holiday resort idea Taurisol is so unique and wonderful that we want absolutely to participate with this project. I´ll give you three our best architects to visualize your dream. That will be our contribution for this project.”


CEO Markku anwered: ”Mikko, thank you so much. Your trust to me and to this project is a valuable gift. I know that your architect firm is 3 man generation old. Your grandfather was a jazz lover and founder of your company. You are holding great talents and international customer base. All this can be read from your brick thick 50 years anniversary book. I strongly feel that I’m in the right place with right people. I have traveled +40 countries and I have never seen a live 3D studio, a star gate from where I can walk in to the resort Taurisol, even it is only existing on AutoCad drawings. I´m very confident that we will make history together.” 


After partnering with UKI Architects, I knew that we are after something very big. At the first long meeting, the deep blue ocean dream was enthusiastically briefed and visualized out from my head to three best architects. After 300-400 design work hours the history was written in Oulu, Finland. Every design team member knew that the result was beyond the biggest mountain. The Taurisol was born. It was mind blowing moment, to see first 3D sketches from Taurisol. Now I had finally something very concrete on paper. The dream was realized and It can be showed to the world. The very best journey ever can be continued… 


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