I Gave Myself a Black Eye Today By Darlene BradenI woke this

I doing something different this week. Something I always wanted to do since I had this blog. I having a guest blogger. Richard and Mary were visiting their daughter Nicola’s house in Perth in Scotland on December 27 last year when Mary first started feeling ill. She was out shopping with Nicola when she began suffering from severe back pain at about 2.30pm. An ambulance took her to A at Perth Royal Infirmary at about 4pm.

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Mourners hold candles Monday, Oct. 10, 2016, during a candlelight vigil attended by abut 1,000 at Harwood Union High School in Duxbury, Vt., for the teenaged victims killed in Saturday night’s crash on Interstate 89 in Williston. Four of the five teens killed by the wrong way driver were students at Harwood.

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